5 Reasons to See a Cardiologist in New Jersey

A cardiologist is a medical specialist who deals specifically with diseases of the heart. While you may think of cardiologists merely as treating individuals who have had heart attacks, they actually do much more than this. Other major diseases that our cardiologist can diagnose and treat include congestive heart failure, high blood pressure and heart murmurs. Besides diagnosing and treating these dangerous and often fatal diseases, our cardiologist will also work to prevent future heart issues in individuals who display certain risk factors. If you believe that you may need to see a cardiologist in New Jersey, make an appointment at our office in Oakland right away.

You Have Received a Referral

Many of our patients are referred to us from their general practitioners or family practice doctors. The referral may be based on a variety of concerns that the doctor may have for your cardiac health, including those listed below. However, you can schedule an appointment on your own to see us as well.

You Have a Family History of Heart Disease

If you have close blood relatives, including parents, siblings, aunts or uncles, who have been diagnosed with cardiac issues, you are at increased for them yourself. You will want to schedule an appointment to discuss how you can prevent future problems. Our cardiologist may recommend regular checkups, a healthier diet or a new exercise plan.

You Have Personal Risk Factors

Some heart disease risk factors are controllable while others are not. For example, older Caucasian and African American men are most at risk for cardiovascular disease. While you cannot control your sex, age or ethnicity, you can control your diet and lifestyle.

You Have Heart Disease Symptoms

If you have noticed chest pain, left arm pain or shortness of breath, you should see our cardiologist in New Jersey as soon as possible. You should also schedule an appointment if you feel heart palpitations or skipped beats.

You Have High Inflammatory Markers

Chronic inflammation can be a precursor to cardiovascular disease. One of the easiest signs to catch is gum disease, which may signal heart trouble.

While your general practitioner can help you with many aspects of your health care, including preventative care, immunizations and general checkups, our cardiologist at Cardiac Associates of North Jersey will be able to provide a deeper knowledge base for cardiac concerns. Contact our office in Oakland today to schedule a consultation.

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