Why Choose Cardiac Associates of North Jersey

Choosing Cardiac Associates of North Jersey means building a life-long relationship with experienced clinicians who encourage a wellness culture within our community.

For more than 40 years, we have dedicated our practice to preventing heart diseases while offering effective treatment solutions for a wide range of cardiovascular conditions. 

Comprehensive Cardiovascular Expertise

Our comprehensive heart health approach covers the initial preventative stages of heart disease all the way to tailoring individualized treatment plans. Some of the services our providers specialize in include:

Cardiovascular & Interventional Cardiology Care

From routine check-ups and preventative care to pacemaker placement and preoperative assessment, our cardiovascular care services offer on-site solutions tailored to your specific needs. 

Some of the cutting-edge interventional cardiology services we offer include procedures like angioplasty and mitral valve or aortic valve repair and replacement, always led by our expert team.

Primary Care

With specialized care for heart health concerns and swift access to hospital-based procedures, our primary care providers offer high-quality and emergency medical assessments when you need them most. 

Our primary care services include internal medicine, annual wellness visits, and same-day sick visits for urgent heart health matters. 

Cardiac Testing

Our on-site testing tools aim to provide swift and precise diagnoses in case you are dealing with time-sensitive conditions. We offer a wide range of cardiac tests that allow us to obtain valuable information about the state of your heart health. These include stress tests, echocardiograms, angiographies, and more. 

Vascular Medicine

We provide comprehensive treatment for vascular conditions, which are disorders that affect the blood vessels - arteries, veins, and capillaries.

The treatment strategies used for these conditions vary based on the specific condition and symptoms but may incorporate lifestyle modifications, medication management, or surgical procedures. 

Aesthetic Services

Focusing on your cardiac and vascular health does not mean disregarding your external appearance. We offer a comprehensive approach to wellness that extends our medical services to aesthetic treatments. 

Our laser and injection therapies offer non-invasive and minimally invasive options to help you feel and look your best. 

Benefits of Choosing Cardiac Associates of North Jersey

Some of the benefits our practice offers to our patients include:

Preventive Care

Our consultations are always driven by the importance of preventive care. By fostering a wellness community with our patients and their families, our patients are motivated to adopt healthier habits for heart and vascular disease prevention. 

With routine check-ups and annual tests, our patients have access to timely interventions, often stopping or even reversing the progression of a disease. 

Attentive, Personalized Care

Our medical care is not time-restricted; we offer full, in-depth support until all your needs are completely met and concerns addressed. 

We also understand that every single one of our patients copes with unique circumstances and symptoms. As no heart health condition is the same, we will make sure to conduct all the tests and examinations needed to offer a precise diagnosis. 

Our comprehensive approach to diagnosis focuses on considering your health as a whole. We understand external factors like lifestyle, family medical history, or mental health state could also be contributing to the development of cardiovascular conditions. 

Our team will ensure to fully address all these factors to tailor an effective, personalized treatment plan for you. 

Minimally-Invasive Cardiology & Vascular Treatments

Choosing minimally invasive treatments over hospital-based surgical procedures means prioritizing your experience as a patient. While not sacrificing the life-saving results, this approach significantly reduces downtime and the risk of postoperative complications. 

Minimally invasive cardiology and vascular treatments translate into shorter hospital stays, faster recoveries, and better outcomes for the patient and their families. 

Same-Day Appointments for Primary Care Services

Receiving swift medical care when dealing with time-sensitive conditions is vital. Our team understands this important need and offers same-day or next-day primary care appointments for patients with emergency cardiac issues.

If additional examination is needed, our onsite testing tools enable us to conduct same-day tests efficiently. By reducing wait-around times and offering a one-stop solution for all your medical needs, you are able to start a treatment plan as soon as possible, further reducing the risk of complications. 

Expert Cardiac Care in North Jersey

At Cardiac Associates of North Jersey, your heart’s wellness is our top priority. We have offered superior cardiovascular health to our North Jersey community for over 40 years and continue with our commitment to providing unparalleled cardiac care today. 

To schedule an initial appointment with our experienced team, please call us or visit our location in Oakland, NJ

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