Medical Weight Loss

At Cardiac Associates of North Jersey, we understand that weight loss is a complex journey that requires personalized and expert care. Dr. Padma Chava offers medical solutions for weight loss, integrating weight management with comprehensive health assessments and personalized plans. 

Our medical weight loss treatment process starts with a thorough examination of your weight and physical health before creating your personalized weight loss plan. 

Dr. Chava’s clinic offers convenient scheduling options and works with your insurance provider to ensure you have an accessible medical weight loss journey at a low cost. 

Medically Assisted Weight Loss

Medically assisted weight loss solutions can help mitigate the risk of cardiovascular conditions and other health problems, such as high blood pressure or diabetes. 

Conditions such as obesity can place added strain on your heart, leading to increased blood pressure, elevated cholesterol levels, and inflammation. All of these factors can contribute to the development of cardiovascular disease. 

Medically assisted weight loss helps you lose weight and improve your health and overall quality of life.  

Dr. Chava’s focus on personalized meal plans, medication, and exercise ensures that you remain consistent in your weight loss journey without compromising your overall well-being. 

FDA-Approved Weight Loss Medications

Weight management medications help people struggling with being overweight or obese. They work best when combined with a lifestyle program and behavior changes, including healthy eating and increased physical activity. 

Most weight loss medications work by making you feel less hungry or create a feeling of satiation. These medications require a doctor's prescription and should only be taken under medical supervision. At our clinic, we offer weight loss medications that can be taken orally or injected into your body through a single-dose pen.

Common medication for weight loss include: 

  • Phentermine: Phentermine is a prescription medicine used to speed weight loss by stimulating the central nervous system (nerves and brain), which increases your heart rate and blood pressure and decreases your appetite.
  • Mounjaro® (Tirzepatide): Mounjaro® works to slow down your digestion, which can help you feel full in the stomach for a long duration. It can also cause decreased appetite, which can help with weight loss. 
  • Ozempic®: Ozempic® (semaglutide) targets areas in the brain that regulate appetite and food intake, thus helping reduce the urge to eat more frequently or in larger quantities. 
  • Zepbound®: Zepbound® activates the hormone receptors in your body that aid in glucose management, creating a feeling of fullness in your stomach.
  • Wegovy®Wegovy® (semaglutide) helps with long-term weight loss by regulating your appetite and the amount of calories you consume. 

Our Process

We understand that achieving and maintaining a healthy weight involves more than just diet and exercise. After the initial consultation with Dr. Chava, you may be asked to get a complete health assessment and blood tests to help us design an integrated medical weight management plan.

Tailored to your individual needs and goals, your weight management plan will combine evidence-based approaches to help you achieve sustainable weight loss and improve your overall well-being.

Full Health Assessment

A comprehensive health assessment helps to evaluate your current health status, identify potential risk factors, and create a personalized plan to support your weight loss journey.

Complete health assessment involves reviewing your medical history, including any chronic conditions, past surgeries, medications, and family medical history. 

A thorough physical examination may follow it to assess vital signs, body composition, and any signs of underlying health issues. 

At Dr. Chava’s clinic, we also consider various lifestyle and environmental factors that may influence your weight, such as sleep habits, stress levels, social support, work environment, and socioeconomic factors. 

Blood Tests

Blood tests involve analyzing a blood sample to assess various aspects of your health. Blood tests that may be ordered include:

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)
  • Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP) 
  • Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP)
  • Thyroid Function Tests

These tests help diagnose underlying health conditions that may be causing weight gain and affecting your overall health.

Personalized Plan

The personalized plan created by Dr. Chava is tailored to your needs, preferences, and goals, helping you make sustainable changes to support your weight loss journey. 

The personalized plan may include:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Medication 

We take into account a comprehensive assessment of your dietary habits, nutritional needs, medical history, and weight loss goals. Based on this assessment, we devise a customized meal plan that balances carbohydrates, proteins, and fats to support optimal energy levels, satiety, and metabolism. We may also incorporate specific exercises to promote fat loss, muscle building, and overall health.

FDA-approved weight loss medications to help you achieve your weight loss goal. These medications affect the brain’s hunger centers, helping reduce hunger and cravings and prolonging the feeling of fullness in your stomach.

Medically Assisted Weight Loss at Cardiac Associates of North Jersey

At Cardiac Associates of North Jersey, your well-being is our top priority. Our provider, Dr. Padma Chava, offers personalized patient-focused weight management services. 

We offer same-day and next-day appointments, flexible payment options, and collaboration with health insurance to ensure that your medical weight loss journey is affordable and accessible. 

To schedule an initial appointment with Dr. Padma Chava, please call us or visit our location in Oakland, NJ

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