Cardiac Testing

At Cardiac Associates of North Jersey, we understand that accurate and prompt diagnoses are crucial when it comes to heart health. Our on-site imaging and lab testing allow us to provide swift and top-notch assistance to our patients.

Tests such as stress tests, echocardiograms, and angiographies help us obtain valuable information about the state of your heart health. Depending on the results, your doctor will continue with further examinations or develop a treatment plan that may involve trying:

  • Medication management
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Minimally invasive surgical procedures

Stress Tests

Stress tests help evaluate and monitor several elements of your heart’s health, including its electrical activity, artery blockage, and blood flow state:

Echo Stress Test

Having an occlusion on your arteries can cause symptoms like chest pain or shortness of breath. An echo stress test is performed to monitor the activity of your arteries and to find out whether you need to undergo a specialized treatment to unclog any blockage. 

Exercise Stress Test

An exercise test is performed to monitor your heart activity during light exercises, such as walking on a treadmill or pedaling on a stationary bike. This test is performed to screen for any potential health issue, such as:

  • Coronary artery disease
  • Chest pain due to heart-related issues
  • Heart attack risk factors

Nuclear Stress Test

A myocardial perfusion test, or a nuclear stress test, is used to monitor the heart’s functioning, measure the amount of blood that flows into the heart, and potentially detect any blockages. 

Since these issues don’t always show evident symptoms, nuclear tests can become life-saving procedures that offer all the benefits of minimally invasive testing.   


An angiogram is a type of catheter-based diagnostic test that uses imaging technologies to identify any blockage within the arteries or veins. 

This type of test can be used to identify an occlusion in the heart, neck, kidneys, legs, or any other areas where there may be an artery or vein issue.

Cardiac or Coronary Angiography

A cardiac or coronary angiography is performed to detect any occlusion in the coronary arteries of the heart. This is performed by adding a special dye and X-rays to visualize how blood flows through the arteries.

Renal Angiography

A renal angiography helps visualize the blood vessels in your kidneys by injecting a contrast dye into the artery in charge of providing blood. This test is performed to find out if there are any problems in the blood vessels of your kidneys, such as:

  • Aneurysm: Bulging of a blood vessel
  • Stenosis: Narrowing of a blood vessel 
  • Thrombosis: Blood clot 
  • Occlusion: Blockage of the blood vessels

Peripheral Angiography

A peripheral vascular angiography is performed by injecting a dye through a thin tube into the peripheral arteries connected with the stomach, arms, and legs. 

Once this is done, our radiologists use specialized imaging techniques to identify the areas where this dye shows plaque buildup in the arteries. This test helps determine whether a procedure to unclog the arteries is needed. 

Lower Extremity Peripheral Arterial Testing

A lower extremity peripheral arterial testing is performed by measuring blood pressure at multiple levels and evaluating the arterial pulse. 

This test helps evaluate for Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), whose symptoms range from muscle pain and fatigue to non-healing wounds in more severe cases.

Cardiac Testing in North Jersey

At Cardiac Associates of North Jersey, your heart’s wellness is our top priority. We have offered superior cardiovascular health to our community for over 40 years and continue with our commitment to providing unparalleled cardiac care today. 

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