Considering Sclerotherapy in New Jersey

You can’t stand your varicose veins. You have tried every remedy you ever heard of to make those unwanted lines go away. You bought lotions. You tried putting your feet up at night. You bought compression stockings. Nothing has made a difference. You always cover up your legs because you are so embarrassed. However, that is not the worst of it. You’re feeling pain now to the point that you have to get off of your feet. You can’t do as much as you used to because your legs feel so heavy as you drag them around. It’s time that you turned to a vein specialist to find out how sclerotherapy at our center in New Jersey can help you.

Choose an Effective Solution for Varicose Veins

Sclerotherapy works. It is one of the most common types of treatments used today to eliminate varicose veins. Treatment begins by visiting our specialist for a consultation. Once your varicose veins have been identified, a substance that acts as an irritant will be injected into your veins.

This irritant will cause the vein walls to collapse in the treated vein. As a result, the vein will be sealed off. Blood will no longer be able to pass through this vein. The blood will find another route through a healthy vein that does not have the faulty valves that are typical of varicose veins. In time, the treated vein will disappear as it is absorbed by the body. Healthy tissue will develop in its place. You will no longer be plagued by varicose veins. You can show your legs again without being embarrassed.

What Should You Do After Your Treatment?

Our vein specialist will give you instructions following your sclerotherapy procedure. You will be advised to walk daily to promote healthy circulation. This is a good practice to continue on a regular basis. Incorporate exercises into your daily routine that will help you make your legs stronger. If your legs are strong, your veins will be as well.

You will need to wear compression stockings in the beginning as well to keep your blood flowing properly. In time, you will only need your stockings at night. You may want to continue to wear them indefinitely to ward off more varicose veins in the future. Limit your salt intake as well to ensure your circulation is better than it was before.

Learn More About Sclerotherapy in New Jersey

To find out if sclerotherapy is the way that you want to go for your varicose veins, make an appointment with our New Jersey vein specialist at Cardiac Associates of North Jersey. Find out what you can expect during the treatment, how you can prepare for the procedure and how long you will need to wait to see those varicose veins fade away from sight. Contact our office in Oakland today to schedule your consultation and learn more.

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