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Cardiovascular is a term that refers to over 60 conditions that affect blood vessels and the heart. ‘Cardio’ implies that the condition affects the heart while ‘vascular’ means a condition of the blood vessels. Depending on the specific conditions, there are many options for the treatment of cardiovascular.The outcomes and prognosis of cardiovascular disease vary according to the condition, quick diagnosis,and treatment, lifestyle, co-existing diseases as well as other factors. At Cardiac Associates of North Jersey we offer cardiovascular care to help you live a healthier, happier life.

Maintain Optimal Cardiovascular Health

Treatment of the conditions begins with prevention. They include achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, quitting smoking or excessive drinking, and eating a well-balanced heart-healthy diet. You can control risk factors such as hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol through regular medication/medical care and regular lifestyle changes. In pregnant women, the risk of developing the congenital heart defects can be reduced through regular prenatal care.

Cardiovascular Care

Cardiovascular issues at an advanced stage such as serious abnormal heart rhythms, heart failure or heart attacks requires hospitalization. Cardiovascular care options comprise administration of supplemental oxygen to help the patient increase amount of oxygen circulating in the heart tissues. Besides, treatment in the form of monitoring and stabilization of vital signs can be effective such as intravenous medications, advanced life support measures, and CPR. Mechanical ventilation is helpful to support breathing problems while electrical defibrillation and treatment with medication are recommended to manage abnormal heart rhythms.

Use of Medications

Medications such as nitroglycerin are recommended to manage a heart attack to improve blood flow in the heart. Also, pain medications can be used like morphine which is effective in anxiety and pain reduction as well as lowering the amount of oxygen required in the heart. Drugs that prevent the formation of clots like heparin or aspirin are recommended. Other drugs that may be effective include clot-dissolving drugs which work in the coronary artery to break clots that often lead to a heart attack.


Angioplasty is a common surgical procedure that many people with a heart attack are taken through. The procedure involves the removal of a blood clot from the artery,and the blood vessel is widened using a balloon device. After the artery is wide, the surgeon places a stent to keep it open. 

Alternative Cardiovascular Care

Other treatment options for managing cardiovascular are mainly home remedies, therapeutic options, and alternative treatments such as Vitamin B-6 and Magnesium. However, you must be careful about the alternative treatments by checking with a qualified doctor or medical professional as some treatments can be dangerous.

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