Finding the Right Physician to Treat Valvular Heart Disease

Your heart is the most important organ in your body. When your heart stops, you stop. For this reason, any surgery that is done on your heart should only be performed by the best surgeon available. If you are looking for a physician who can properly address your valvular heart disease, look no further than the team of doctors at Cardiac Associates of North Jersey.

In 1937, the American Board of Surgery was founded. The idea behind this was to certify surgeons who met specific requirements and who could prove that they were able to perform the surgical procedures required of them not only by passing rigorous examinations, but also by practicing while under observation. The primary reason for board-certified surgeons was to make sure that there was a group of surgeons who met high standards of excellence.

Before a surgeon can become board-certified, they first have to get the medical training that all the doctors receive. Then, once they go through the certification process, they should receive the ABS seal, giving the patient a good measure of confidence that this individual could do what they said.

So, a surgeon who is board-certified in cardiology has the skills needed to diagnose, manage and treat patients who have disorders that affect their arteries, their veins, their lymphatic system and, most importantly, their heart. These surgeons have unbelievably large amounts of experience and have been able to show that they can provide comprehensive care to patients dealing with a wide range of cardiac diseases. Before being board-certified, the surgeons have on average between five to seven years of specialty training.

Most people agree that the more complex the procedure being performed, the more important it is for the doctor to be board-certified. If a doctor is able to maintain their board certification, this means that they have kept up with the latest in surgical techniques and technology. This is a great indication that they are going to be able to provide you with the best level of care possible.

Our board-certified cardiologists are dedicated to treating patients with professionalism, compassion and integrity. The goal is to provide care in a way that looks out for what is best for the patient.

Our board-certified cardiologists are able to provide the examinations that you would need to determine if you have valvular heart disease. From there, they can determine what type of surgical procedure or non-surgical intervention would be required in order to get your heart working its best.

Your heart is the most important organ you have. Never leave its care up to chance, especially when you are dealing with a condition like valvular heart disease. Work with our board-certified cardiologists at Cardiac Associates of North Jersey to ensure the most successful outcome. Contact us today to schedule a consultation at our office in Oakland.

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