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Varicose or spider veins are not only a cosmetic concern; they also come with pain, swelling, and the potential for more serious health problems. That’s why many people are looking for an easy and effective way to treat this condition. Here at Cardiac Associates of North Jersey in Oakland, NJ, we offer two treatments, called laser vein removal and sclerotherapy. Read on to find out how laser vein ablation works and how many sessions you might need.

What Is Laser Vein Removal?

Your varicose veins can be removed using radiofrequency or laser energy. During such a treatment, we apply heat to the affected veins. As a result, they will close up and your blood will need to find new ways to travel through. Over time, your body breaks down the damaged veins, so they are removed permanently. While you may develop new varicose veins over time, the existing ones will never come back.

This treatment, called vein ablation, is extremely effective, with some studies showing a 97% success rate. It is a popular method because it isn’t very invasive when compared to removing the vein surgically. As a result, you won’t need extensive downtime or a significant change in your routine. You simply come to the clinic, get your treatment, and rest for the remainder of the day to make sure your anesthetic wears off.

Number of Sessions Needed

Depending on the condition of your veins and the severity of your symptoms, you will need more than one vein ablation treatment. If you come to us early or only have one varicose veins, we might be able to treat you in one 45-60-minute session. However, if you suffer from severe varicosities and have several affected veins, you will need to come to us several times to make sure all of them are removed.

We can assess your situation when you come to the clinic for your initial assessment. At that time, your doctor will let you know the likely number of treatments needed and how they will be spaced out. In most cases, we suggest that you visit us every 4-6 weeks until your treatment is complete.

Your Vein Ablation Treatment

Now that you know how many sessions you may need, you might be wondering what the actual process looks like. Before getting started, you will be invited to a consultation, so we can meet you and figure out how to best proceed. Once we’ve determined that vein ablation is the right course of action, we can book your first appointment. In addition, we will give you directions about how to care for the treated areas so you can maximize your results.

The Initial Consultation

Varicosities appear for many different reasons, and the factors that are most likely to affect whether you suffer from this condition are your age, your family history, and certain lifestyle influences like diet and exercise routine. Most of our patients are over 40, but you can be affected at any age, and the consequences can be significant. In fact, many people suffer from pain, swelling, discolored skin, and inflammation on a regular basis.

To determine how we can best help you, we will invite you to book your consultation. Here at our clinic, we offer the two most effective methods of addressing varicose veins, vein ablation, and sclerotherapy. We can explain both of them to you and discuss which one is most likely to meet your individual needs. If we choose vein ablation for you, we can then book your first laser treatment.

Your Appointments

If you have only one varicose vein, you may be able to get the issue resolved within one session, but if you have multiple varicosities, you will need to come back several times over the course of a few months. We will numb the relevant area, so you don’t feel pain during the treatment, then we make a small incision to insert the catheter.

Using ultrasound guidance, we will place the catheter in your vein and start using the laser or radiofrequency to cauterize your vein and cause it to close. This process only takes a few minutes, so you can usually leave the doctor’s office within an hour. Although the treatment is less invasive than surgery, it’s still a good idea to rest for a few days, particularly if you’ve been treated on both legs.


At the consultation, we provide you with information on how to take care of yourself after the appointment. Most of our patients wear compression stockings for 14 days to reduce discomfort and keep the blood flowing steadily. You’ll need to gently move your legs around, for example by taking short, but frequent walks. After 10-14 days, the vein should dry out and fade, and your negative symptoms will disappear.

Remove Painful Varicose Veins Now

Laser vein removal is a highly effective way of dealing with varicose or spider veins, with the vast majority of patients experiencing a significant improvement in their condition. To have your own painful varicosities removed, contact us at Cardiac Associates of North Jersey in Oakland, NJ today. We will speak to you about your condition, the options open to you, and how often you may need to visit the clinic for vein ablation.

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