Non-Invasive Treatment with Our Cardiologist in Oakland

Non-invasive cardiology is capable of identifying and resolving many heart problems without the use of fluids, needles or other instruments that require cutting or insertion. These methods have helped countless patients avoid unnecessary risk, discomfort and healing times while simultaneously allowing them to obtain timely treatment and care. Following is everything that residents of the greater Oakland area should know about working with our cardiologist to obtain non-invasive intervention and care.

Different Non-Invasive Techniques That Our Oakland Cardiologist Can Use

Rather than cutting to retrieve tissue samples for diagnostic purposes, our cardiologist in Oakland can use nuclear cardiology. This involves the use of various imaging types that frequently entail radioactive elements. These studies can identify a number of common cardiovascular disorders with an impressive degree of accuracy and absolutely no downtime for patients.


Echocardiography creates detailed images of the heart and all the structures that surround this organ via ultrasound waves. This diagnostic technique makes it possible for our cardiologist to assess how efficiently the heart is pumping blood. Echocardiography is also effective for identifying structural abnormalities and serious infections.

Stress Tests, Cardiac Electrophysiology and CT Scans

Stress tests are frequently performed in these environments as a means of assessing how well the heart responds to changes in activity levels. During these tests, patients are instructed to engage in rigorous physical activity while the movements and functions of the heart are tracked. Our Oakland cardiologist can additionally use cardiac electrophysiology before, during or after stress testing to assess the electric currents that are responsible for generating heartbeats. CT scans are used as part of the diagnostic process as well, to check for evidence of atherosclerosis and heart disease.

Individualized and Integrated Plans of Care

All patients are given care that’s both individualized and integrated to ensure optimal results. After a person’s existing conditions and risk factors have been identified, various medications may be recommended. Moreover, each patient will be given advice on making strategic lifestyle changes for promoting improved heart health and better health overall.

Non-Invasive, Interventional Cardiology

Options in non-invasive, interventional cardiology are often classified as non-surgical but may involve the insertion of thin, flexible tubes called catheters to repair and support narrowed arteries, vessels that have become weakened and any other parts of the heart that have been impacted by disease. Our interventional cardiology treatments are commonly paired with lifestyle changes, medication, and other non-invasive tactics to establish multi-dimensional and wholly effective treatment plans.

Interventional cardiology can be used to resolve issues resulting from heart valve disease, coronary artery disease and peripheral vascular disease, among many other problems. At Cardiac Associates of North Jersey, our cardiologist serves Oakland and the surrounding areas with many non-invasive services tailored to each patient’s needs. Contact our office today to schedule your first appointment!

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