Non-Invasive Treatments with Our Skilled Cardiologist in Oakland

If the thought of open-heart surgery strikes you with terror, never fear because this is typically a last option for most of our patients. These days, we have numerous non-invasive treatments that our skilled cardiologist provides to our numerous patients in Oakland. Not only are non-invasive treatments less stressful to your body and your mind, but they also come with far fewer risks and complications than traditional surgical treatments have. When you visit our office, we may treat you with one or more non-invasive options.

Non-Invasive Tests

We offer a variety of non-invasive tests that can help us see the overall health of the heart. For example, we may recommend an exercise stress test. During this test, we will be able to see how your heart rate and rhythm respond to an increased workload. We can also use an electrocardiogram to take a brief snapshot of your heart rate and rhythm. This test can also show us if any part of your heart is stressed. The echocardiogram looks at the shape and size of the heart to see each of the heart’s four chambers and its valves clearly.


Today, there are dozens of helpful medications available to treat a variety of issues with the heart and vasculature. For example, we can prescribe medications to treat high cholesterol, high or low blood pressure and even hardening of the arteries. This can help prevent future heart disease, including heart attacks.

Lifestyle Changes

As part of any healthy treatment plan, lifestyle changes are often a major factor in the treatment. This could include dietary changes or increased physical activity. We may also make recommendations to quit smoking, decrease alcohol consumption or lose weight, among others.

Minimally-Invasive Treatments

In some cases, you may need more in-depth treatments at our office in Oakland. We offer several minimally-invasive treatments that do not require surgery to repair issues in your heart and blood vessels.

Non-invasive and minimally-invasive cardiac treatments are far easier on the body and far easier to recover from than traditional surgical treatments are. You will have fewer risks. Plus, these treatments do not have to take much time out of your schedule or require lengthy recovery time. When used together as ordered, you can prevent many heart conditions, minimize negative symptoms that you may be experiencing and build a stronger and healthier cardiovascular system than you have ever had.

Schedule an appointment with us at Cardiac Associates of North Jersey in Oakland to discover how our skilled cardiologist can customize a treatment plan just for you. Contact us today to book a consultation.

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