Stress Testing: Could It Benefit You?

Stress testing is a medical test usually performed while the patient is exercising, such as on a treadmill. During the exercise, the patient will be wearing a variety of monitors, such as an EKG monitor and a blood pressure cuff, which will take measurements at regular intervals to determine the strength, capacity and overall health of the heart. While cardiac stress testing is not for everyone, it still provides great benefits for many people. Here is how you can know if you could benefit from this testing.

You Have Symptoms of Heart Disease

The main reason that you should have a stress test is to determine the cause of your cardiovascular symptoms. For example, chest pain, shortness of breath and an irregular heart rhythm show that you need to get to the root of your cardiovascular problems. These symptoms may show that your heart is not getting enough oxygen, especially with exertion. Because you will be exercising during your test, our practitioner will be able to see how your heart responds to stress.

You Have a Personal or Family History of Heart Disease

Even if you are not currently experiencing symptoms of heart disease, you may still be a good candidate for stress testing if you have had symptoms in the past or have a previous cardiovascular diagnosis. In this case, the test will help our practitioner see that your heart is maintaining its health. Additionally, a close family history of heart disease may be a good indicator for testing.

You are Starting a New Exercise Program

If you have had heart concerns in the past and are now starting a new exercise program, a doctor may want to ensure that your heart is healthy enough to stand up to this new stressor.

As you can see, not everyone needs cardiac stress testing, and atypical symptoms should be the best indicator of its necessity. As with all medical tests, having an in-depth discussion with a qualified medical professional before undergoing this type of testing is essential. Be sure to speak with our knowledgeable experts at Cardiac Associates of North Jersey to learn more about cardiac stress testing and to determine if you are a good candidate for it. Contact us today to book an appointment in Oakland, NJ!

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