The Importance of Cardiology in Montgomery

While you may be comfortable with your family practice or internal medicine doctor, you may need more advanced health care services depending on your age, genetics or current or past diagnoses. If you fall into certain categories, a cardiology visit in Montgomery may be in order for you and may help you to live a healthier and longer life. Our team of health care specialists specifically work with the heart and blood vessels. While your general practice doctor has some knowledge of the cardiovascular system, we more specific knowledge and more experience in caring for the heart and will be best able to help you should a heart or vascular condition arise.

Your first experience with our team may come due to a referral from your general practice doctor. The referral may be due to problematic blood work values, high blood pressure or some other symptom that was noted during the health assessment.

However, you may not want to wait until your general practice doctor gives you a referral before you seek our cardiology services. We recommend regular, routine cardiology checkups that will help you note problems before they get out of hand and to keep an eye on preexisting conditions that could lead to heart disease in the future. At a routine cardiology examination, we will order lab work to check for blood chemicals and cholesterol levels, and we will also take your blood pressure and give you a general examination. General cardiology checkups are certainly nothing about which you should worry. They are simply designed to catch small problems before they become large concerns.

We can diagnose any heart conditions that you have and give you the best care possible based on current recommendations and new treatments. We have many diagnostic tools on hand to help us discover your heart rhythm and rate, the size and efficiency of your heart and the health of your blood vessels, including those that lead to your heart. If we diagnose you with a heart condition, we have many forms of treatment available in the Montgomery area.

When you are looking for cardiology care that you can trust, turn to our experienced providers at Cardiac Associates of North Jersey in Oakland. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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