What is Vein Ablation Treatment Like?

Vein ablation is a procedure by which a near-surface blood vessel is cauterized or otherwise collapsed. This means that the vein walls are destroyed. Most commonly performed on varicose veins and spider veins, the treatment is generally thought of as cosmetic, but it can also help alleviate irritation, swelling, and pain in the areas where the unwanted vein exists.

Vein ablation can be performed in several different ways. The most common treatments are sclerotherapy, laser energy, and radiofrequency energy. All of these treatments are simple to perform, but those who seek to have their unwanted spider vein or varicose vein collapsed or cauterized should choose a qualified surgeon with experience in this sort of treatment. Below, we outline the various ablation methods. 

Sclerotherapy Treatment

If the spider vein is near the surface and is wide enough to allow the injection of a solution that dissolves the vein walls, sclerotherapy is a good option. We inject a fluid that irritates the tissues of the vein walls. Over a period of a week or so following treatment, the vein wall constricts and finally closes. The blood flow is directed elsewhere, and the body begins a process of eliminating the vein wall tissue and flushing it along with other waste.

Laser Treatment

We can use a specially designed laser instrument to cauterize the vein. This type of treatment is often the best choice if the varicose vein was caused by a leakage of a one-way valve in the vein. The laser burns away some of the vein tissue and causes the vessel to collapse. The laser beam is tightly focused and is very thin, so there’s little risk of superficial scarring afterward.

Some Important Information

Once the vein is collapsed, the body will remove the discarded tissue naturally. Normal activities can be resumed at once, although we will likely recommend that strenuous exercise be avoided for a short period. It’s highly unlikely that you will experience a regrowth of the spider vein or varicose vein in the same location.

Nearly everyone with spider veins or varicose veins is a candidate for vein ablation treatment. During a consultation, we will suggest a specific treatment procedure and tell you why we are recommending it.

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