What Should You Expect From Varicose Vein Treatment?

Some people are only concerned about varicose veins because they feel self-conscious about their appearance. Others feel such physical symptoms as heaviness, tiredness, itchiness, discomfort, and pain. Regardless of how you feel about your varicose veins, you should have them treated. Keep reading to discover what you should expect from varicose vein treatment at Cardiac Associates of North Jersey in Oakland, NJ.

What Should You Expect From Varicose Vein Treatment?

What you should expect from varicose vein treatment depends on the treatment method you decide is right for you. Nevertheless, regardless of the treatment method you choose, you can expect the treatment process to be convenient, comfortable, and fairly fast-acting. Here’s a closer look at what to expect from sclerotherapy and vein ablation.

What to Expect From Sclerotherapy

You should expect your sclerotherapy treatment session to take between 15 and 30 minutes. The length of your treatment depends on several factors, including how large the targeted veins are, how far they are from the skin’s surface, how many varicose veins are being targeted for treatment, and whether you are targeting multiple areas of the body or just one.

For instance, your session will be completed faster if you are only targeting one leg rather than both legs and the backs of your hands. Sclerotherapy for varicose veins involves the injection of a sclerosing agent into the targeted vein. This safe, effective treatment method has been utilized since the 1930s to help people with varicose veins restore their appearance and quality of life.

What Treatment Feels Like

You will feel the sclerosant being injected but you won’t feel pain during the treatment because the sclerosant solution includes a local anesthetic. This numbs the treatment area and ensures your comfort during the treatment.

How Quickly You Can See Results

You can expect to see the results of sclerotherapy for varicose vein treatment in three to six weeks if the varicose veins are small. Larger veins may take between three and four months to disappear fully.

What to Expect From Vein Ablation

You should expect your vein ablation treatment session to take between 45 minutes and an hour to complete. As with sclerotherapy, the length of your vein ablation treatment session will depend on how many varicose veins you are treating, how large they are, how far they are from the surface of the skin, and how many regions of the body you are targeting for treatment.

Vein ablation for varicose vein elimination involves using heat to cauterize varicose veins. It can be completed either with radiofrequency or laser energy delivered through a catheter. The catheter is inserted into the varicose vein guided by cutting-edge ultrasound technology. Once the energy burns the vein, it is cauterized and completely closed. As time progresses, scar tissue replaces the vein, and discoloration and other symptoms disappear.

What Treatment Feels Like

A local anesthetic is applied to the treatment area before the incision is made for the catheter to go through. Therefore, you won’t feel any pain during your treatment session.

How Quickly You Can See Results

You may be able to see the final results of vein ablation for varicose veins if you are treating just a small cluster of varicose veins. However, the more varicose veins you’re treating, the more likely it is that you will need at least one follow-up session. If multiple treatments are necessary, they will be scheduled four to six weeks apart.

How Long Do The Results of Varicose Vein Removal Methods Last?

The results of varicose vein removal methods are permanent. Once the veins are destroyed, they will never grow back. Nevertheless, if you do not treat the cause of your varicose veins, it is possible that new varicose veins will develop again in the future.

Why Should I Have My Varicose Veins Treated?

You may not think that your varicose veins are a big deal, but it is highly advisable to have them treated. It is so important to seek treatment for varicose veins because they can result in serious medical conditions in the future. For instance, varicose veins may result in chronic inflammation, leg sores and ulcers, and blood clots. If the blood clot develops outside the varicose vein, it can break off, travel through your bloodstream and result in a PE.

Additionally, you may not experience any physical symptoms from your varicose veins now. However, it is possible to experience uncomfortable symptoms in the area over time. In other words, they can get worse if they are not treated. One day, you may find that you are in extreme pain if you sit or stand still for long periods of time, and your job performance may be affected.

Discover the Right Treatment Method for You Today

Whether you decide sclerotherapy or vein ablation is right for you, you should expect a quick, pain-free treatment that provides relatively rapid results. To discover which treatment method is right for you, contact us today at Cardiac Associates of North Jersey in Oakland, NJ to schedule your initial consultation. We are more than happy to discuss your options with you and explain more thoroughly what you can expect from each treatment method.

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