When to Consider Seeing a Cardiovascular Doctor

The cardiovascular system is the part of the body that carries oxygen-rich blood throughout the body. While a cardiologist is someone who deals directly with the heart, a cardiovascular doctor is usually a specialist who deals more with the health of the veins and arteries outside of the heart and brain. While different cardiac-related doctors can overlap in patient care, there are some general areas of specialization where seeing a cardiovascular doctor will tend to be most useful.

A Long-Term Relationship

What may not be obvious at first is that a patient’s relationship with a cardiovascular doctor can often go on for years and years. Cardiovascular issues tend to be rather long-term in nature. So, when a primary care physician refers a patient to see a cardiovascular doctor, it is not necessarily to receive surgery. When you see our cardiovascular doctor, chances are he will want to address any concerns with treatment options that are more exercise and medication-oriented first. If these options fail to resolve the cardiovascular issues in question, then he may pursue more involved treatment options.


If a patient has been a smoker for a significant part of their life, they should definitely get checked out by a cardiovascular doctor. Smoking is one of the major reasons for the onset of heart disease. Even if a patient is not complaining about cardiovascular issues, this does not mean they are nonexistent. Smoking-related cardiovascular problems can sneak up on a patient, and a heart attack may be more imminent than they realize. Our doctor will be able to monitor the situation, and he will likely urge the patient to quit smoking.


Another type of patient who will benefit from seeing our cardiovascular doctor is someone who has diabetes. Diabetes is another major risk factor for heart disease, and it is critical for a diabetic to keep their circulation intact.

These are just a few of the reasons people find themselves visiting our cardiovascular doctor at Cardiac Associates of North Jersey, located in Oakland. Contact us today to book an appointment.

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